Our Team

Christina Swingdler: Co-founder and President of Humboldt Artisans Group and owner of Christina Anastasia Jewelry Design. A Eureka, California native, Christina is dedicated to showcasing the best that Humboldt County has to offer. Forming this rep group with her husband and partner, Jim Christensen, was her contribution to sharing the wonders of Humboldt County beyond the Redwood Curtain. With over ten years of experience from selling her own product line at craft and wholesale shows, Christina hopes that the knowledge she has gained can assist other artists and makers branch out and expand their lines to places far beyond the redwood forests. 

Jim Christensen: Co-founder and COO of Humboldt Artisans Group, Jim has over fifteen years of business experience. Having owned and operated bars in San Diego, California, Jim's understanding of business operations has made him an integral part of our team. From cold-calling and filing paperwork, to crafting spreadsheets and training reps, Jim does it all. He has personally taken the time to train the road reps, bring product to our LA Showroom, display merchandise, and make connections so that Humboldt Artisans Group can disperse artist's work far beyond the Redwood Curtain. 

Kaitlin Napolillo: First an employee of Christina Anastasia Jewelry Design, Kaitlin moved seamlessly into her role of Business Manager for Humboldt Artisans Group. She maintains H.A.G.'s wholesale website, participates as a point-of-contact for artists and buyers, heads packaging and shipping for all Artist's work, and completes other day-to-day tasks to keep business moving. You've probably spoken to her on the phone or seen her handwriting when you receive product!

Kristin Napolillo: Graphic designer for Humboldt Artisans Group, Kristin has a background in graphic design and coding. She expertly crafted the print version of H.A.G.'s Wholesale catalog, and assisted in some of the product imagery that can be found on this site.

Larissa Haney: Buyer Relations Manager of the group, Larissa covers HR, Buyer Relations, and also participates as one of Humboldt Artisans Group's Makers! Find Silk Bliss' beautiful water-marbled scarves under our Fashion & Jewelry tab! 

Jessica Pader: Wholesale Showroom Manager and Social Media Outreach, Jess can be found in LA Mart Suite 846 during the week and can show you around our 3,400 sq. ft. showroom! She handles our social media posts and Buyer Outreach emails. Follow us on Instagram at @humboldt.art.grp to see her posts!

Our Resourceful Reps:

Alex Franchi can assists you if you're in LA County!

Denise Picard is ready to visit if you're in Ventura, Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo!

Jackie Pader travels along the 80 corridor and Reno, NV!

Miki _______ works the San Francisco South Bay Area and is ready to bring the Forest to the City!